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Population growth of skin-of-color (African, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native Americans) citizens of the US means that by 2050, this population will be the majority in our nation, yet relatively little data exists on either the structural and functional differences in skin of color or skin disorders that are more common, unique, or present differently in individuals with skin of color. The HUSCRI will bring together diverse scientific and medical disciplines and focus their research or reaching a better understanding of skin of color and its disease and aging processes to improve the care and treatment for this growing population of citizens.

The goal of the HUSCRI is to create the first research-based research dedicated to understanding unique properties of skin of color, to elucidating the process of cutaneous diseases in skin of color and to develop new tools, technologies and techniques to advance the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting people of color.

Specifically, the goals of this new center will be to:

  • Promote and foster an environment that encourages relevant innovative basic science research, including emerging fields such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and metagenomics
  • Identify and understand the factors that contribute to racial disparities in cutaneous disorders
  • Generate knowledge to impact our understanding, treatment and prevention of skin diseases unique to individuals with skin of color
  • Disseminate this knowledge via education programs to physicians, residents, researchers, medical students and other medical care providers to enhance patient care
  • Attract scientists and investigative dermatologists engaged in cutting edge research interested in studying cutaneous diseases in skin of color
  • Cultivate the training of junior faculty and postdoctoral associates capable of competing successfully for research funding

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